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APP-control Cayenne 9PA (2007-2010)

Item: 12501


APP-Control for Porsche Cayenne model 9PA (2007-2010) parking heater. For use in vehicles with factory fitted parking heater with remote control. You will probably never need your original RF remote control again, but be able to control the parking heater with your mobile phone by app, SMS or call. Very easy plug-and-play installation.


  • Switching by smartphone app, SMS or call
  • 5 authorized numbers
  • 24h timer function
  • Alarm function
  • Input for external on/off switch (optional)
  • GPS-positioning (optional)
  • External temperature sensor (optional)

App, SMS, Call

You can control the parking heater by a iPhone or Android app, SMS, or voice call. Switching the heater by call is free of charge as there is no connection established. Switching the heater by SMS or using the iPhone/Android app can involve SMS costs, depending on your mobile provider.

The APP-Control system require a SIM-card, not included in the delivery. The APP-Control system use a standard SIM card size, and require an adapter to accept micro or nano SIM-cards. (not included) The mobile network provider must support the use of 2G GSM telephony.

The parking heater can only controlled from authorized numbers, all configurable by SMS. The integrated GSM-module has a temperature range from -30°C up to 80°C to ensure proper function at all conditions.

Optional GPS-positioning

The APP-Control supports an optional external GPS receiver which can be connected to Connector 2 (aux) socket at the back of the module. If the ignition is switched on, the position is determined about every 1 second and can be queried via SMS. If the ignition is switched off, the GSP-receiver will be activated to determine the position only. You will receive a SMS containing the coordinates of the car as well as a link to "google maps" which shows the current position on the map.

Optional alarm input

You can connect an existing alarm system to the APP-Control. You will be informed via SMS and call as soon as the alarm is triggered. The alarm system must output a +12v signal when triggered. More details on this in the installation guide.

Easy installation

The APP-Control is connected to the existing park heater remote control receiver in the car. This is done by using the supplied Y-cable harness. The unit is then fastened by velcro tape to a suitable location where the GSM antenna is placed as far as possible away from metallic surfaces. GSM coverage is very good when the unit is placed in the locations shown in the product pictures. (Cayenne roof lining and Macan luggage compartment side wall)

Technical data

  • Voltage supply: 10 - 15VDC
  • Current consumption: standby <10mA, login: briefly 2A
  • Internal antenna
  • SIM-card: nano-SIM
  • GSM-module: 4G (LTE), 3G (UMTS), 2G (GSM)
  • Temperature range: -30°C to 80°C
  • Dimensions: 63x60x22mm (LxWxH)
  • Output signal: E-BUS 5, (Macan and Cayenne 92P) W-BUS 3 (Cayenne 9PA)

Package contents

  • APP-Control main unit, v11x
  • Vehicle specific Y connection cord
  • English user manual

User manual is available on our Downloads page.