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DAB adapter, Anywave SRT18

Item: 12123


Anywave SRT18 - Smart radio
Developed and made in Norway. A DAB-adapter which makes use of the existing FM receiver in the car. All DAB-channels appear as normal FM stations, just like you see in normal FM radios. A smart feedback wire enable the adapter to automatically choose the correct DAB station when you select FM radio presets. No extra screens or remote controls.
SRT18 have a Wi-Fi-interface for use with a Smart phone and an app for commissioning and maintenance of the solution.

The adapter is connected to the FM receiver via the antenna coaxial cable, as well as the radio speakers with a separate wire. To install this, you'll need car electric skills as well as coaxial cabling termination equipment. When we mount this in Porsche models, we also use a Smart Switch for automatic power handling from the PCM unit.


  • DAB and DAB+ standards
  • DAB Service Following
  • Frequency range: DAB III 170MHz - 240MHz
  • Inbuilt FM RDS transmitter, range: 88,1-107,9 MHz
  • Radio channel name display and menu texts in RDS information
  • Power supply voltage: 12VDC, 330mA
  • Main unit dimensions: L 112mm x B 86mm x H 23mm


  • Anywave hovedenhet
  • Power supply harness
  • User manual