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964/993 Centre Console lights

Light bulb failure
The Porsche 964/993 centre console is equipped with several switches as well as backlighted symbols over them. The lightbulbs are prone to failure. These bulbs are 12V 1.4W, and Porsche does not have these as spare parts. The bulbs look like they are fitted within a sleeve or white socket. They are not, the white tubes are glued onto the glass and are lead guides. You do not need them. New bulbs must be soldered on the PCBs in there. If you are not experienced with electronic repair, buy new complete PCB assemblies. Unknown cost.

Console disassembly
Easy, just pull it. Remove the PCBs by depressing the white snap locks in each end of the PCB.

Often the catches break when disassembling the console panels. This can be fixed with our Switch Plate Keeper.

Change to LED
LEDs are brighter than bulbs, produce less heat and lasts much much longer. Use 3mm red LEDs in the upper console switch row, and red in the lower. The three LEDs are connected in parallell on each PCB, and a series resistor must be fitted.

Resistor installation
A 390 Ohm resistor value and using the LEDs above set the LED current to about 12mA, for long life and adequate light intensity. You must cut the copper track to be able to fit the resistor, see the white cut on the PCB solder side for explanation. Be sure to place the resistor at the exact same location, otherwise you will have problems refitting the PCB into the white plastic frame in the console switch assembly.

LED installation
LEDs must be connected with correct polarity, I have marked the anode and cathode pins on the PCB. (A and K) Cars without sun roof have only two lights on the lower row.

Use a 9V battery to test the LEDs by pressing the battery against the connector. See the polarity markings on the PCB by the power connector in the pictures.

Remember, modern LEDs have very high intensity, set the current low. The last picture is the result of my LED conversion.

A LED and resistor kit is available in our web store, see our LED section.