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Instruments and panels


Porsche 996 and Boxster instrument cluster
Bespoke test bench setup to test all functions. Both CAN and non-CAN versions of instruments








Porsche 997 and Cayman instrument cluster
Test bench for both the Instrument Cluster and the Gateway control unit. Repair of LCD faults plus more.






Porsche 911/964/993 instruments

Full test bench setup for all types of instruments: Tachometer with or without OBC, Fuel, Oil, Clock and Speedometer. 
911, (Early and G-models) 964 and 993 car models. Calibration and Tiptronic speedometer test capacity.

We also deliver conversion of speedometers, miles to kilometer and vice versa. Such conversions inlcude a new front foil inlay, as well as a bespoke circuit for the odometer.






Tiptronic testing facility









miles-kilometer conversion









Porsche 928 and 944 instrument clusters

Test bench, general repair, change backlighting bulbs, flexiprint repair.







Porsche 356/912 instruments

Test bench and experience with repair and modifications.

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