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  • Image of Speaker adapter harness

    Item 12216

    Adapter harness for use with aftermarket speakers. Item is two adapters, 1 pair. Fit...

  • Image of Porsche sticker

    Item 12207

    2 pcs high quality laminated vinyl stickers for use on Continental head units to presen...

  • Image of USB memory stick, 32GB

    Item 12204

    32GB USB FLASH memory stick, perfect for use in the Continental head units. Very s...

  • Image of Antenna adapter FAKRA-DIN

    Item 12400

    FM antenna adapter FAKRA to DIN. Fits the Porsche Boxster 2003 among other models.

  • Image of Radio/CCU removal tools

    Item 12201

    ISO radio removal tools for the Porsche 964/993 Climate Control Unit and Blaupunkt car ...

  • Image of Becker Grand Prix removal tools

    Item 12202

    ISO radio removal tools for the Becker Grand Prix car radio. Contains one pair of tools.

  • Image of Becker Porsche/Mercedes removal tools

    Item 12200

    Radio removal tools for the original Becker head units in Porsche and Mercedes vehicles...

  • Image of ISO pin removal tool

    Item 12203

    ISO removal tools for the ISO standard connector pin inserts. Contains three tools.

  • Image of USB Dual output charger

    Item 12209

    Dual output 5V USB charger. 3A capacity. Fits snugly and tight in the Porsche lighter s...

  • Image of DAB antenna, passive

    Item 12403

    Glass mount DBA/DAB passive antenna. 3,5m cable, 90˚ SMB female connector.

  • Image of DAB roof antenna

    Item 12404

    Active roof mount FM/DAB antenna. 70 degree angle, 5m cable. Features: Frequen...

  • Image of FM-DAB Splitter

    Item 12407

    FM-DAB aerial splitter. Makes it possible to use an existing FM antenna as a combined F...

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