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Spare parts

  • Image of 964 Cookie Cutter

    Item 12690

    Porsche "Cookie Cutters" has a new meaning now before the Christmas season. N...

  • Image of T-SPOILER, Advanced Spoiler Control Unit

    Item 11850

    The BERGVILL F/X T-SPOILER Advanced Spoiler Control Unit is a direct replacement fo...

  • Image of Porsche 911 Automatic Heat Control PCB

    Item 11801

    Replacement printed circuit board for the Automatic Heat control placed between the sea...

  • Image of Fan CCU, 964/993

    Item 12651

    Most Porsche 964 and 993 owners now see the end of their CCU fan service life, causing ...

  • Image of CCU Button Sticker set

    Item 11902

    No more worn-out CCU facia buttons! A complete sticker set for the Porsche 944/959/9...

  • Image of 625-2RS ball bearing

    Item 11901

    A sealed high quality 16x5x5mm 625-2RS / 625DD SKF ball bearing for use in the Porsche ...

  • Image of TCA 2465 Servo Driver IC

    Item 11900

    Siemens TCA 2465 9-pin SIP Dual Power Opamp, used as servo output driver in the Porsche...

  • Image of CR2032 lithium battery

    Item 11151

    One CR2032 lithium battery. Fits the T-LOCK remote control/key fob. (latest version)

  • Image of Porsche 993 bulb holder repair kit

    Item 11504

    Porsche spare part Repair clip for the Porsche 993 headlight low beam b...

  • Image of BA15S/1156 bulb holder

    Item 11502

    BA15S/1156 bulb holder, as used in Porsche rear fog lights and turn signals. Specially ...

  • Image of Mini-ISO connector, yellow

    Item 12213

    Yellow Mini-ISO connector with 6 pins. Used in the Porsche 993 Hi-Fi amplifier harness....

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