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KTS 301 Diagnostics Tool

Item: 11600


Bosch KTS 301 Diagnostics Tool including new battery, charger and OBD cables for all Porsche models. English (default) or German software version.

Bosch KTS 301/ Porsche 9288 diagnostics tool. Used, but in very good condition. Fully cleaned, refurbished and tested, including a new NiMh battery with three times the capacity of the original. Available with the latest Porsche software version 8.1, (English language) or version 8.0. (German Language) These versions are identical, except for the language used. English is the default delivery. These versions covers all Porsche 928, 944, 968, 964 and 993 models. The kit includes a OBD2-style connector as well as a 19-pin adapter to fit all the above mentioned Porsche models. A multi-country battery charger is also included for customers outside Europe.

The price include the original Bosch KTS suitcase. These are worn, but in good condition.

Important notices: 
We have reports of incompatibility issues when using the KTS-301 in later 1997 and 1998 Porsche 993 models. The features of some the on-board computers (DME, ABS/ABD, Airbag) in these models may not be compatible with the KTS-301, as its latest software version was made in 1991. The KTS-301 successor, the PST-2 system, was introduced in 1997, and this supports these functions.

We have had reports of problems in using this tool (and other original Porsche OBD tools) in special versions of the Porsche 964 and 993, such as the GT and some Turbo models.

We have had many reports of connection problems to Motronic engine control units where the unit has been modified with an aftermarket memory chip.

User manuals rely on the Porsche workshop manuals. However, we have gathered most of the information available, and this is available on our Downloads page.