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ASK amplifier 997/Boxster/Cayman

Item: 14310


Porsche 997/Boxster/Cayman Sound Package Plus amplifier (Option code M490) audio amplifier.

Used and refurbished.

Porsche part # 99764533101, (997.645.331.01) 99764533200, (997.645.332.00) Cabrio 99764533202 (997.645.332.02) or 98764533101 (987.645.331.01)

The amp can also have these ASK production numbers: 7204112002 – 02, 7204110001 – 02, 7204111000 – 12.

Our present stocked amplifiers are of the 997 coupé type. The amplifier itself is the same for 997 Coupé and Cabrio, Boxster and Cayman, but there are some a small difference in the main connector on the different types. These are plastic coding tabs, and they can be cut off to adapt an amp to a different vehicle type.

We regularily repair these amps, and have some for sale. Delivered with normal modifications and five-year warranty.