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Audio harness for Porsche 993 Hi-Fi bypass

Item: 12301


This is a cable harness for use with aftermarket head units in Porsche 993 with the Hi-Fi option. It fits the Continental head units with speaker signal outputs only. Use this harness to bypass the Nokia Hi-Fi amplifier under the passenger seat, and to connect the new head unit to the speakers. Most modern head units have a much better audio quality than the aging Nokia system anyway.

993 Hi-Fi door speakers have separate wiring for the bass woofers, and the mid and treble elements share wires. Rear speakers are normal left and right wires. This is a DIY kit meant for the Hi-Fi enthusiast, and requires interconnecting door speaker wiring and head unit outputs. This is most often done by the means of a speaker crossover filter, and this is to be placed under the seat in the Nokia amp location.

We do not deliver the needed crossover filters or similar for using this harness. 

This kit comes in two pieces, the wiring from the head unit, and the wiring to the speakers. All these are clearly marked with speaker channel labels, and leaves it up to you to interconnect head unit outputs and speakers. This depends on choice of crossover filter and speaker configuration.

  • Contains one harness with 4 pairs of 1,7 meter speaker wires from head unit to Nokia amplifier location under the seat
  • Speaker cables can be routed under the carpet, along the centre console
  • Contains one harness with 6 pairs 30 cm cables with TE Connectivity 827535-1 connector for easy connection to existing car speaker wiring
  • The 827535-1 connector is not equipped with insulation, use tape or similar upon installation
  • All wires are 1,5mm2 cross sectional area, (16/18AWG) thoroughly marked with channel text marking
  • Using this kit requires a speaker crossover filter or similar, and is not supplied with the kit