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ISO harness Porsche 996 GT3

Item: 12324


ISO power harness for easy plug-and-play installation of the Continental head units in a Porsche 996 GT3 equipped with the analogue standard radio solution with the CDR-23 head unit.

This harness makes installation possible without any modification of the original car wiring, Consist of the following:

  • Swap of Terminal 30 pin (permanent 12V)
  • Wire for connection to Climate Control unit Terminal 15 circuit (switched power supply)
  • Wire for connection to Cigarette Lighter lamp, Illumination

Do not buy this harness unless you are really sure that it will fit your vehicle.

There's not many 996 GT3's around, and this is for the cars that have a CDR-23 head unit used without the MOST audio solution. This is identifyable by the brown ISO B speaker connector. See the pictures on how this looks at the back of the CDR-23.