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LED Smart Ballast

Item: 11503


The Bergvill F/X LED Smart Ballast is a circuit that allows for problem-free use of LED brake bulbs in Porsche cars fitted with a Cruise Control unit.
LED bulbs use considerably less current than normal incandescent bulbs. The reduced current load on the brake light circuit is detected by the Cruise Control unit as a fault, and it will not allow engaging of cruise function.
The Smart Ballast simulates the normal incandescent bulb current load, but without wasting energy or the need for bulky or very hot ballast resistors.

The Smart Ballast is ONLY needed if you are using LEDs only as brake lights. (and no normal incandescent bulbs) This means LEDs in the normal rear/brake lights, and LEDs in the third brake light if fitted. 

Please note the following:

  • Only ONE Smart Ballast is needed per car
  • Cars without Cruise Control DO NOT NEED this circuit
  • You DO NOT NEED this circuit if you have the normal incandescent third brake light

The Smart Ballast is only tested in conjunction with our 1157 red LED brake light bulbs. Othe rmakes of LED bulbs may disturb the total load resistance on the brake light circuit. This circuit will only work for solving issues using LED brake lights in Porsche cars fitted with a cruise control. It will not work for solving any issues when using LED bulbs in turn signals or any other purpose.

Tested in Porsche models 928, 964, 993 and 996. Used by our customers with great success in other types of vehicles such as BMW, Mazda and Victory motorcycles. However, we do not guarantee other use than the above mentioned main purpose for the device.

Installation manual is available on our Downloads page.