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T-LED, Porsche 964 LED kit, US Amber

Item: 11321


An immense improvement to the otherwise quite dim rear/brake and turn signal lights.

For use in Porsche 964 models with US light option.(M553) This kit contains amber LEDs for the rear turn signals. These will emit bright red light through the red rear lenses. Please note that 1156 red bulbs for any rear fog lights must be ordered separately.

Kit contents:

    2 pcs amber BAY15D (1157) 30W LED bulbs for front side markers/turn signals
    2 pcs amber T10 wedge 5W LED bulbs for front running lights (side lights)
    2 pcs amber BA15S (1156) 30W LED bulbs for rear turn signals
    2 pcs red BAY15D (1157) 30W LED bulbs for rear/brake lights
    2 pcs red BA9s 5W LED bulbs for rear side markers
    2 pcs white BA15S (1156) 30W LED bulbs for reverse lights
    1 flash relay CF14

Installation manual is available on our Downloads page.

This kit contains a flash relay to avoid the fast blink rate due to the lower current consumption by LED´s compared to halogen.

All T-LED bulbs emit coloured light, and are suitable for use in lamp enclosures with both clear and coloured glass. US cars normally have red lenses on the rear turn signals. There will be no problems using amber LED´s in these, they will emit bright amber light through the red lenses.

Note: You will experience problems using LED bulbs only as brake lights in Porsche cars fitted with a Cruise Control. Use the LED Smart Ballast to avoid this.