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T-LIGHT 993 Headlight low/high beam bundle 4300K

Item: 11281


Temporarily out of stock due to unexpected demand. We expect to have the product in stock again in August.

The full kit, consists of the T-LIGHT HID system for the 993 low beam lights, as well as the T-LIGHT LED High Beam kit.

See the separate product pages for all details

This bundle package consists of:

  • T-LIGHT v3 Porsche 993 HID kit 4300K
  • T-LIGHT v3 High Beam

A short note on light colour temperature

The T-LIGHT LED high beam has a light colour temperature of 6500K. Using a LED system with a more yellow colour would have lowered the light output, and raised the price. We therefore chose to go for the standard 6500K version. We like the whiter shade of the high beams. Normally, only the driver see these lights.

With respect to light colour, we are more concerned with the look of the low beams. These are the ones other people see, and most of our customers don't want these to be too white or blueish. Our 4300K Low Beam kit is therefore by far the most popular, which is the same colour as used in the Porsche Litronic system.