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T-LIGHT v3 Porsche 993 Low Beam HID kit 4300K

Item: 11210


Temporarily out of stock due to unexpected demand. We expect to have the product in stock again in August.

High Intensity Discharge (xenon) low beam light kit, specially designed for the Porsche 993 standard halogen lights with easy installation inside the headlight enclosure. Installation time is 15-20 minutes without the need of special tools.

  • 55W H1 HID/xenon low beam, colour: 4300K
  • AC ballast output for constant light colour and long service life
  • Kit contains two HID systems, one for each low beam headlight
  • No wire cutting, T-Light use the original halogen bulb connectors.
  • Three times the light output of halogen bulbs, high quality (Philips OEM) electronics and bulbs, long life
  • Richly illustrated installation manual in English
  • Ba9s LED bulbs for front park/marker light with matching colour
  • Very quick installation inside the headlight housing (bolt-on)
  • Plug-and-Play connection with easy revert to halogen if needed
  • 2 years warranty
  • Fits both RHD and LHD vehicles
  • 3.8A current consumption (original 55W halogen bulb = 4,5A)

4300K light colour resembles the colour of the original Porsche Litronic HID lights. 6000K has a bit more blue tint to the light. Light intensity is the same in both colours.

Our new T-LIGHT v3 kit has 30-40% increased brightness compared to our previous HID kit. However, the difference depends on several factors, especially the ageing of the HID bulbs.

Current consumption and heat emission is lower than normal halogen lamps.

We have tried a lot of LED kits in the 993 low beam projector lamp, and none will come near to using HID lamps, which has a omnidirectional light output. LED's work OK in open reflector designs, but not in this kind of lamp construction, they produce the wrong light output pattern, and does not produce the light intensity as HID bulbs.